The activities planned for the three years of the project are not intended as a one-time event with no follow up. Their launch is just the beginning of a long-term idea about sustainable management of Mount Dinara in order to continuously provide us with its natural resources.

Preparatory activities

A1 – Assessment of the grasslands current condition and key features of the landscape

A2 – Analysis of grasslands management and definition of the first draft of grasslands restoration and management guidelines

A3 – Assessment of the current public attitude and development of the communication plan

Plan and types of activities

Conservation measures

C1 – Livestock procurement

C2 – Renovation of key fences, watering places and paths as well as construction of the new ones

C3 – Restoration of grasslands (removal of shrub, controlled burning and planned grazing);

C4 – Development of tourism services on the topic of grasslands

C5 – Development of sustainable grasslands management guidelines

Monitoring and assessment of activites

D1 – Monitoring the project activities impact on specific habitats

D2 – Monitoring the project activities impact on socio-economic aspect component

D3 – Monitoring the project visibility and public acceptance of project activities

Communication and dissemination activities

E1 – Active involvement and networking of stakeholders and target groups

E2 – Support for result dissemination and raising the level of public awareness

E3 – Educational campaign for sustainable management of grasslands

Project management

F1 – Project coordination and administration

F2 – Evaluation of the project’s contribution to the LIFE Programme objectives

F3 – Maintaining project results

Calendar of activities

          Nature conservation through sustainable use