Dinara back to LIFE Layman’s report is now available online!


Dinara back to LIFE project was successfully finished in November last year, so we summarized four years of intensive work, results, and lessons learned into Layman’s Report.

Layman’s report described why and how we tackled the restoration of overgrown grasslands on Dinara Mountain by manual removal of overgrown vegetation, controlled burning, and directed grazing. The report also talks about the results of these activities and their impact on habitats. Also, we are very proud of the ‘invisible’ impact that we have achieved on the advocacy, therefore in the future, it will be easier to implement projects that will be oriented towards the restoration of overgrown grasslands.

Even though the project is finished, it is only beginning to work on the preservation of Dinaric grasslands. Over four years, the community showed us what is important to them, and the project team proved that grassland restoration is possible. The knowledge and experience we gained will help us in future projects – not only on Dinara but in other places too.