Dinara back to LIFE – project for nature conservation and biodiversity of Dinaric pastures


Former grasslands in the Mount Dinara area, used as pastures for livestock since the ancient times, are now mostly unkempt. In order to bring back life and pastures to the Dinara area, the “Dinara back to LIFE” project will restore overgrown grasslands and work on creating institutional requirements for their future sustainable management as well as promote livestock farming as a nature preserving traditional activity.

With the aim of bringing life back to Mount Dinara, we have started the project entitled “Dinara back to LIFE”. The project consists of conservational activities for restoring grasslands, including manual removal of overgrown vegetation, its removal by planned grazing and controlled burning, as well as additional activities, creating institutional requirements for preserving grasslands and providing support to the local population in developing agricultural and tourist activities basing their additional value on co-existence with nature.

Habitats targeted by restoration are dry grasslands, while endangered species in the main focus are bird species dependant on this type of habitat such as the ortolan bunting, greater short-toed lark and stone-curlew. Furthermore, the impact of project activities on orchids, cade juniper, the red-backed shrike, endemic grasshoppers and the activity of bees, as well as on the phenological dynamics, development stage, productivity and dry pasture nutritive value will be monitored.


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