From Knin to Trilj, the examination of public attitude about the importance and potential of the Dinara begins!

examination of public attitude

If you are visited by field examiners with a short questionnaire in the next ten days, don’t worry – LAG “Cetina Krajina” and the Biom association are conducting a field survey about the importance and biodiversity of the Dinara and its potential for the local population.

The research is conducted as part of the “Dinara back to LIFE” project, which aims to preserve the Dinaric grasslands, encourage their sustainable use and provide support to the local population for the development of agricultural and tourist activities in the Dinaric area.

”To live by the Dinara certainly has its privileges and advantages. The whole area is an exceptional nature resource which should be known how to make the most of and to encourage local people to develop the potential that Dinara has. That is why the opinion of the local population is important to us, and through this examination it will be a great help to us in further activities” , says Melani Glavinić from the Biom association.

The survey is completely anonymous and takes only 15 minutes. After, it is followed by data entry and processing. The test results will be published on the project website as well as the local media. The collected data will help guide the project team to direct further project activities and see how the local population perceives the Dinara.

If you have any questions about this research or aquire additional information, you can contact the phone number 021/274 946 or e-mail: The examiners will conduct research the towns of Knin, Sinj, Trilj and Vrlika and the municipalities of Hrvace, Kijevo, Otok and Civljane.


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