Last year – 78 media releases about the Dinara back to LIFE project

The number of articles about the project is increasing and the vast majority of them is affirmative - the analysis of media clipping showed.
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In 2021, Dinara was the topic of 238 media articles, and in every third, i.e. 78 of them, Dinara back to LIFE was mentioned, the analysis shows. Of the published announcements on the project, the vast majority were of an affirmative tone and the articles contained specific topics addressed by the project.

The number of articles about Dinara in 2021 was approximately equal to the number of articles from the previous year, but with the difference that last year the number of announcements dealing with the activities of the Dinara back to LIFE project more than doubled. In the first year of the project, 13% of articles were related to the project, and in 2021, the second year of the project, the share of articles about Dinara related to the project rose to 33%.

If we look at the 5 most frequent topics of articles, in 2021 they are the announcement of the Dinara Nature Park (86), project activities (78), rescue operations (28), mountaineering activities (24) and tourist infrastructure of the project area (7).

Dinara was most often mentioned in February, on the occasion of the then promulgated Law on the Proclamation of the Dinara Nature Park, then in June on the occasion of the Project Collaborative Councils in Sinj and Vrlika and in August, when potential locations of the future Public institution of the Dinara Nature Park were discussed, in addition with the promotion of the project through Kamičak Etno Festival (chart above).

The tone of the articles about Dinara in most of them was affirmative. Out of the total number of articles, 228 were affirmative towards the Dinara, while there were 10 neutral announcements that conveyed information without taking a subjective position. There were no negative announcements that would advocate actions harmful to Dinara.

The tone of articles about Dinara in 2021

The most interested in the topic of Dinara are the local and regional media – the local portal transmitted information about the Dinara in 21 of its announcements, Dalmacija Danas had 18 announcements on this topic, Sinjska Rera 13, however Croatian National Television (HRT) also showed interest with 12 reports about Dinara last year.

Of the 15 selected topics, by the number of mentions in articles about the Dinara, ecological tourism is by far the most common, mentioned in over half of all reports. This broad term includes mountaineering activities and various sports and recreational events that do not have a negative impact on the environment and nature. The second most common topic is the project itself, while the threats to the quality of life and target habitats and species was the third most common topic of articles.

Frequency of mentioning target and dominant topics in Dinara reports

So, in conclusion, it can be said that the number of reports about the project in the second project year has increased manyfold, the vast majority of reports is affirmative and they cover topics previously selected by the project team.

The aim of collecting media reports on the topic of the Dinara is to provide insight into the current situation and adjust the implementation of further communication and project activities with the revealed specifics of media attitudes. This analysis includes media releases about Dinara and the Dinara back to LIFE project recorded by the project team, which do not necessarily contain all publications in the print media about these topics.

The full report on the analysis of media releases on the Dinara in 2021 can be found at the link below


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