New project area map – explore!

We have enriched our project website with a new interactive map of the project area. The new map contains areas and locations of project activities and research conducted so far, as well as some other content.
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We have released a new interactive map of the area covered by the Dinara back to LIFE project on our website. A clear and easily searchable thematic map contains marked areas and locations of activities carried out so far, as well as some additional information from this area.

The map contains short descriptions and locations of restored wells, areas of restoration and controlled burning, location of educational-volunteer camp, areas of biodiversity research, areas where target bird species and grasslands can be found, as well as plant species, bee and locust research areas. A whole separate group of information are the locations of orchids.

The map also contains some external information such as hiking trails, roads and mountain shelters. Some of the marked areas and locations also contain links to our publications with additional information.

Find the map on the link below –


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