Dragodid – keepers of dry stone walls

Dry stone wall construction is an ancient method developed for practical and economic reasons, but it is also a sustainable building practice. Stone walls are made from natural locally-sourced material – stone, it can be deconstructed as easily as it can be rebuilt, and it enriches the local area visually. Useful, sustainable, and beautiful tradition. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the 4 Grada Dragodid association which has been focused on dry stone wall reconstruction for the past 15 years.

Activity calendar

“Service flock” began to gather – additional livestock for better grazing

At the beginning of this year, local livestock breeders from the Dinara area have started with the procurement of donkeys and horses in order to improve the grazing pressure and thus contribute to the biodiversity of Mount Dinara’s grasslands. We talked to livestock breeders and photographed new animals from our “service flock”.