Who are the project partners?

The partnership structure includes relevant institutions from various sectors that are motivated and capable of creating favourable conditions for sustainable use of natural resources in the project area.

Association BIOM

Association BIOM is one of the leading civil society organisations for nature conservation in Croatia and the Croatian partner of BirdLife organisation, the largest global network for conservation of birds and nature. 

Its mission is preservation of biodiversity to the benefit of both nature and society. BIOM achieves its objectives through a wide range of activities: promotion and popularisation of biology and other natural sciences; production and publication of educational materials; collaboration with related organisations and institutions on national and international level; conducting scientific and professional research; updating database on biodiversity in Croatia; research for the purpose of developing baseline studies for protected areas proclamation and baseline studies for action plans for endangered species as well as developing management plans for protected areas and the Natura 2000 protected areas network.   

In addition to the project coordination, BIOM will lead the implementation of grasslands conservation activities, develop guidelines for grasslands restoration and management, promote their sustainable use and share the project results. BIOM branch office is situated 15 km from the project area. The employees are highly motivated for the project since they are very familiar with the area and willing to encourage positive changes.


Hrvatske šume is a limited liability company owned by the state, founded for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia. Its aim is to ensure a sustainable integrated management of state forests and woodlands in environmentally sensitive, economically efficient and socially responsible manner.

Its vision is to be the leading company for forest management in the region, to raise public awareness about forests as a national natural resource and to promote the principles of sustainable development. As a project partner and a primary user of grasslands, Hrvatske šume will implement activities for grasslands management and internal education for future sustainable management of NATURA 2000 sites.


University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture is the leading institution in the field of agriculture and related sciences in the Republic of Croatia. By applying the highest academic standards, it provides students, agricultural experts and all related stakeholders with high quality education with the reference to the latest scientific and professional knowledge and skills, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole. In more than a hundred years of its existence andnumerous professional and scientific projects, the Faculty fosteredscientific research and education that covers grassland management and valorisation of grasslands as natural fodder resource.

As a project partner, the Faculty will play a crucial role in evaluation of status, productivity and nutritional value of target grasslandsthrough monitoring of the impact of project activities. It will also provide professional support with management plans and academic standards in order to achieve the project goals.

Local Action Group “Cetinska Krajina”

Local Action Group is an instrument for implementation of the LEADER programme, an initiative to support local development projects, revitalization of rural areas and creation of synergies among stakeholders and policies. LAG supports development based on the promotion and conservation of natural resources.

Its role in the project partnership is to promote sustainable development, support rural tourism and productvariety based on biodiversityas well as to promote the EU funding policy and instruments and disseminate the project results to communities.