Report – the first two years of the Dinara back to LIFE project

We have prepared a short photo report on the first two years of the project. Browse!
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Two years of the Dinara back to LIFE project have come to an end, and the activities performed and started during this period are presented in a short overview photo report.

The project started in January 2020 and in these two years, we have gathered the Advisory Council and the Collaborative Council, as stakeholders who guide and expand the project activities with advice and suggestions.

Our fieldwork included research on habitats, grasslands, insects and locusts, as well as more extensive scientific field research.

In 2021, the major restoration cycle has been launched that, we believe, will show major changes and results in the field by the end of the project period. Part of the restoration cycle was the volunteer-educational camp, one of the project highlights of the year.

Renovation of wells, ponds and dry stone walls is part of a project to help bring back the infrastructure to its purpose.

We are extremely proud of the exhibition that accompanies the project, as well as our educational workshops with children.

For the tull photo report of Dinara back to LIFE 2020-2021 browse the PDF at the link below –


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