Nature conservation is possible only if it involves everyone who is connected to it, uses it or simply lives with it. Each of us joined the project for a reason; each of us has a unique perspective and contributes to the project activities.

Tomislav Hudina

Project Manager

Launching, planning and monitoring of project activities, writing reports and coordination of the project team are my responsibilities!

Ivan Budinski

Associate for Nature Conservation

I have been waiting for a project that connects extensive livestock farming, controlled burning and biodiversity conservation for years. I am genuinely pleased that all of this will be integrated in the Dinara back to LIFE project. I’m in charge of monitoring significant fauna in the project area, coordination and education of researchers and determining priority areas.

Ivana Selanec

Associate for Nature Conservation

As a Conservation Associate and a great admirer of Mount Dinara, I will contribute to planning and implementation of project activities as well as compliance with conservation objectives for specific habitats and species.

Zoran Šunjić

Forestry Associate

My role is to proactively engage and promote forestry profession and Hrvatske šume Ltd. on the project.


Damir Jukić – Bračulj

Forestry Associate

My mission is to represent and promote forestry profession. I am pleased to be able to contribute to bringing back life to Dinara – the mother of my ancestors.

Hrvoje Kutnjak

Agronomy Associate

My role in the project is scientific and professional support for the implementation of activities related to the agronomic aspect of the project with a focus on assessing the status of grassland forage resources on the Dinara using remote sensing techniques.

Josip Leto

Agronomy Associate

My role in the project is to provide scientific and professional support to the implementation of activities related to the agronomic aspect of the project in terms of evaluation and analysis of grassland forage resources on the Dinara.

Sven Ratković

Socioeconomics Specialist

My aim is to establish better and more efficient collaboration among farmers through forums, meetings and business plans development.


Zdravko Budimir

Local Implementation Coordinator

My mission is to encourage and improve the work of all project participants, to understand the needs of local population and to implement efficient collaboration among all project participants and partners. 

Luka Škunca

GIS Specialist

I’m fascinated by the patterns created in space by nature and people. My wish is to transfer the diversity of those patterns to others through mapping. 

Tomislav Sotinac

Associate for Nature Conservation

My wish is to revitalize the Dinara region and educate people about the management of natural resources that this amazing mountain provides us with, of course, in a sustainable way.

Melani Glavinić

Communication Officer

My mission is to encourage a dialogue among all project participants. It is satisfying to bring stories from the field trips and spread positivity and success to the wider public.

Tanja Starčević 2

Tanja Starčević

Finance and Administrative Officer

As an associate for financial monitoring and administration, my role will be to make sure that paperwork does not become an obstacle in implementation of all goals in this beautiful project.


Lucija Rajčić

Agronomy Associate

My role in the project is professional assistance in carrying out activities related to the agronomic aspect of the project.