Why Dinara back to LIFE?

Mount Dinara has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all nature lovers. The mountain has been depicted, painted, songs have been sung and poetry written. It has filled all types of photo frames. Its purpose has stayed the same since the ancient times – to be the centre of life. 

At the turn of the century the traditional primary activities, which used to be the source of livelihood for Dinara, have been mostly abandoned or have completely disappeared. Unfortunately, hay meadows and grazing livestock can rarely be seen today.

The Dinara back to LIFE project is launched with the aim to conserve Mount Dinara, restore its pastures and protect the birds dependent on this Dinaric habitat. In addition to professional conservation activities for dry grasslands restoration, such as planned grazing, controlled burning and other tasks, our objective is to revive and protect its nature. Special attention will be given to the bird species dependent on the Dinaric habitat type. They are ortolan bunting, short-toed lark and stone-curlew. Apart from creating important and quality institutional conditions for nature conservation, emphasis is also given on involvement of the local population. Within this project, the idea is to provide strong support for development of agricultural activities and tourism services whose values are based on coexistence with nature. 

The activities planned for the next three years are not intended as a one-time event with no follow up. Their launch is just the beginning of a long-term idea about sustainable management of Mount Dinara in order to continuously provide us with its natural resources.

Nature conservation through sustainable use


Project name: Management planning and restoration of Dinara dry grasslands to save biodiversity and support sustainable development

Abbreviation of the project name: Dinara back to LIFE

Lead beneficiary: Association BIOM

Project partners: Local Action Group “Cetinska Krajina”, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Hrvatske šume Ltd.

Project duration: 15 January 2019 – 15 July 2023

Total project value: EUR 1,296,509

Funded by: EU (LIFE Programme), Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, own co-financing


Activity calendar

”Dinara back to LIFE” conference starting soon

We are delighted to present a program and open a call for participants of “Dinara back to LIFE” project conference “Working together towards grassland sustainability (cross-sectoral

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